Frequently Asked Question

Who can Join FansHub?
Anybody above age 16 can join FansHub you must be atleast 18 years of age to withdraw or perform any financial activity on the site

How many time can i post on my wall in a day?
For now you can post 5 post per hour you are limited to post 2 times in an hour

Can i get verification Badge (Blue Tick) on my profile?
We dont reward all profiles with a verification badge only profiles with highest amount of followers will get verified in order to achieve verified badge you must be at least 2 month old active user in order to apply for profile verification and a minimum of 5k followers

How many account can i have per HouseHold?
You can have upto five accounts per Household but you will not be rewarded if you refer someone in the same house from the same ip

How can i make money on FansHub?
You can Make money on FansHub just by liking and commenting any post you can earn money by uploading your selfies and vines

How can i refer someone?
Earn up to $0.07 for each user your refer to us ! Earn up to $1 when your referred member upgrades to any of our pro packages. You can find your referral link in settings/my affiliates

What is meant by Points?
Points are your activity reward which will automatically be converted into money

Can i post other websites links?
You Are Not allowed to post any link posting any kinds of links to PTC/GPT or any other website will ban your account so dont post any links, if we found any link we will suspend your account. You are not allowed to advertise any kind of business

What is minimum payout amount?
The minimum payout amount is $0.70

When will i get my payment?
We process payments once in a month if you made $0.70 in first Month you will be paid in between 22nd to 30th of Second Month

What are dead users?
Dead Profiles are those users who never logged in after signup

Will i get commissions for dead users ?
No you will not earn any commission for dead users

My referred member didnt verified his email after signup will i earn commission?
No! inactive users will be considered as dead users

Why my earning has been deducted ?
Your earning will be adjusted within 30 days and only the finalized amount will be paid to you

What is finalized earning?
we review your account before processing any payment we will deduct the amount for inactive referral/dead users and money which you earned via spamming the system will be deducted upon processing your payment

Why my payment is declined ?
There are few factor for a rejected and declined payment if you abused the system or violated our terms and conditions your payment might get declined, if you violates our affiliates terms and condition your payment will get declined, if you spammed the system in anyway to earn points your payment will declined.

Can i post Adult content (Images,Videos)?
No its strictly prohibited to post adult content if our system detects any adult material on your profile your account will get suspended

Why i didnt received the verification link in my Mailbox?
Check your spam folder for verification email if you still not received the email kindly contact us

Where can i check my points ?
You can check your activity points in settings under my points section

Where can i check my earning ?
You can check your earning in settings under my earning section

Why my account is disabled/suspended ?
Your account has been suspended because you have failed to follow our terms of the use of the service