About FansHub _ Social Media Giant
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FansHub All About Us in a nutshell:
FansHub was created so a new way to engage in social media could be done. A slower pace with more privacy in mind. We are a Michigan based website in the United States of America and we designed this site to bring others together, but also to do it in a way where privacy is alive and well. Being a small startup in Michigan is tough. We are trying to provide something that is so basic, yet so rare in social media. That is simply privacy and the knowledge your information is not being shared with those YOU do not want...

One of the huge things with FansHub is that we push what we call "Social Postivity". Now what is this you are asking? Well, we encourage our members to be positive, post positive. We of course do not censor or tell members what to post. However, what we strive to be is a place where people can go and see, be and engage in positive behavior. Social Media is soaked with bad news, anger, and negativity. We are trying to be something better.

What Makes Us Different

We do not clog your page with advertisements.
We do not data mine you.
We do not sell your information to anyone.
We do not censor your pages.
We do not force feed you content from those you do not want to see.

FansHub is owned and operated by Muhammad Noman, and owns several website properties that are designed around the joining of individuals and their ideas. We are always looking for input and ideas on how to make this site better, and this is where we differ from other social media sites.

We listen to the feedback of our members, as we are aware that the only way we will grow and become better is by listening to those who use out site.

FansHub is for those who want to simply kick back, and enjoy social media like it is supposed to be enjoyed.